Shoyeido is known and respected for its integrity. We are one of the few traditional incense manufacturers in Japan, who continue to purchase ingredients ourselves, produce incense by hand, and distribute it with sincere care to our customers for enhanced enjoyment.

The purity of our ingredients and the spirit we endorse in producing our incense are equally important.

The work begins with the inspection of the ingredients. Because we work with elements from nature, understanding the quality and the characteristics of the ingredients is essential. Even the same grade of a bushel of an herb will emit a delicately different fragrance from another. From lot to lot, our master blenders work very hard to make subtle adjustments to retain the consistent fragrance of a particular incense. They consider the process to be an artistic endeavor rather than mere "production". Human sensitivity is highly-valued for Shoyeido's incense making.
The density of a single stick of incense matters significantly. Fineness or coarseness of ground ingredients affect its burning temperature. Natural incense needs to breathe. If it is too dense, it burns at a lower temperature which changes the scent. On the other hand, if it is too loose, it burns at a higher temperature and the fragrance may be diminished.

Shoyeido's incense comes from a truly genuine heritage of 300 years. Without a supporting core stick, our incense delivers the pure essence of the ingredients. Our incense maintains a fine balance between density and rigidness for handling.

People at Shoyeido are meticulously involved with every detail of the process of incense making; from the ingredients to the manufacturing, and to the refined and artistic packaging. Only in this way, Shoyeido knows, the purity of incense can be enjoyed.
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Incense Ceremony
Like tea ceremony and flower arrangement, Koh-do, or incense ceremony is an important tradition in Japan. Incense ceremony is traditionally carried out in the Koh room, with a Master of Ceremonies, and a small group of participants. Most incense ceremonies involve a game, in which the participants attempt to guess which scent is being burned.There are hundreds of variations of these incense games.

Overall, incense ceremony is about having fun with fragrance, and learning to 'listen' to incense. You do not have to be an experienced 'nose' to enjoy Koh-do. The important thing is to appreciate the incense.
A good source of additional information about the incense ceremony, is The Book of Incense, by Kiyoko Morita.